What Our Clients Are Saying?

Jun 02, 2023
Alex Abdo was the ultimate professional who actually cares about you personally! The communication and planning stages from Alex was outstanding throughout the process and this resulted in winning my case! If you need help call Alex and his team!!
May 12, 2023
Abdo & O'Brien was great handling my comp case. When everyone else turned me down Mr. Abdo fought for me. Thank you again!!
Apr 21, 2023
I have been represented by Abdo and O'Brien for almost 40 years. I can't sing their praises enough for all they have done to help me with my Worker's Compensation case. They are very professional while at the same time they are courteous, friendly and caring . They are extremely knowlable.They responded to my calls in an expedited manner, usually on the same day. If you are looking for a Compensation Attorney, look no further. Abdo and O'Brien are the best in the business.
Apr 21, 2023
When I called the Law offices of Abdo and O’Brien I was in a position of confusion about my Workman’s Comp case. After talking to Alex Abdo I had a much better understanding. He explained everything in terms I could understand without all the legalese. His office staff were very efficient in getting the paperwork to me and handled my case with complete professionalism and promptness!!. Alex even found a mistake on the insurance payments which were added to my compensation which I never would of caught!! If you need a Comp lawyer I highly recommend this office!! Liz Hughes
Apr 19, 2023
Alex was very knowledgeable and got my case resolved quickly When his office received notice of decision on a claim they immediately responded on my behalf leaving me anxiety free sending me communication letting me know what the next steps would be. Communication with Alex and any of their team is very quick turnaround time if not immediately. I highly recommend them for your legal needs. Mary Richardson
Apr 11, 2023
Always answered any questions I may have. Returned phone calls quickly. Very pleasant and caring with my concerns.
Apr 02, 2023
Alex has gone above and beyond to help with my worker’s compensation case. He has explained the process throughout our time together. He doesn’t rush through our time together making sure I understand everything.I would highly recommend his service to anyone!
Mar 22, 2023
Very efficient, helpful and understanding..highly appreciated their help ..will recommend them

Why Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Maximum Compensation You Deserve

A Workers’ compensation lawyer can make sure that an injured worker receives the maximum amount of compensation allowed by the state.

Medical Attention You Need

Workers compensation lawyers can assist an injured worker in getting timely medical treatment and payment of medical bills.

Defend Your Rights

If your workers compensation claim has been denied, or you’re not satisfied with the medical care you’re receiving, or you feel your case has been undervalued, you deserve your day in court! Abdo & O'Brien can ensure your voice is heard

Protect Your Livelihood

You are working “light duty” because of restrictions from your injury and are being paid less. Abdo & O’Brien can work to get you additional Reduced Earnings compensation from the carrier to help make up part of the difference.

Safeguard Your Payments

Your workers’ compensation payments have been suspended or reduced based on the opinion of the carrier’s doctor. Abdo & O’Brien can ensure that your doctor’s opinion is being taken into consideration.

Stand Up For You

The worker’s compensation carrier is not responding to your questions. Abdo & O’Brien will make them respond or will request that a Workers’ Compensation hearing be scheduled to litigate the issue in front a judge.

What Can Abdo & O’Brien Do For You ....

.... ensure your future needs

Abdo & O’Brien will fight to make sure your workers compensation case has been established for all of your injuries, thus ensuring your right to pursue future treatment for those injuries.

With our extensive workers’ compensation experience, we will ensure that the carrier is paying you properly. We will also do all that is legally possible to get approval for the medical procedures which your doctor requests.

Who We Can Help?

Injured in a Workplace "Accident"

Linesmen working on power lines

Defending Workers Rights

“Accidents” are the most common type of workplace injury and require very little explanation. A case can be established for workplace injuries that happened during a specific incident, such as while lifting, pushing, pulling or during a fall.

Injuries from an “Occupational Disease”

Man working on top of a ladder

Injuries don’t always happen all at once

Sometimes injures happen over a longer period of time and are caused by the specific type of work that a person does. For example, a construction worker may develop a shoulder or a back problem caused by repetitively lifting or bending while at work. Alternatively, an electrician, mechanic or office worker may develop problems with their arms, wrists or hands caused by repetitively using tools and/ or moving items. These types of injuries are referred to as “occupational diseases”

Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Workers

Fireman with hose

Protecting First Responders

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to active volunteer members of a fire company of a county, city, town, village or fire district who are injured in the line of duty. Additionally, many New York State volunteer ambulance workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. If you are an active volunteer member of an ambulance company and are injured in the line of duty, you likely have workers’ compensation coverage available to you.

Workplace Injuries That Result in Death

Bench on hilltop with clouds in sky

Workers Rights Extend to the Whole Family

As horrible as it is, some injured workers do not survive their Accident or Occupational Disease. In these situations, a workers’ compensation case may be pursued on behalf of the surviving spouse, minor children or on behalf of the injured worker’s estate.

In January of 2019, attorney Michael J. O’Brien, one of the most respected workers’ compensation attorneys in New York State, and I merged our firms to provide truly exceptional experience for our clients.  Michael J. O’Brien has since retired, however the law firm continues to take on the representation of those whom we believe are most in need and prides ourselves on providing exceptional representation to injured workers all across Central and Northern New York.